Videography. Should you or shouldn't you?

The simple answer - hell yes!

When meeting with my clients, the one question I often ask is whether or not they have booked a videographer. Why? Videography is often overlooked due to couples booking a photographer for the day but videography plays such an important role on your wedding day - from capturing every word, look, first glance, songs played, the speeches and the emotion that is the story and romance of your special day.

"Photography can do that too" I hear you say, and while you can capture some very special moments through the photographic lense, there is no greater gift than being able to watch and relive every moment of your wedding day at the touch of a button. Imagine being able to show your future children (or those children too young to remember the day) when Mummy and Daddy got married, or sending a copy to those family members who were overseas/interstate and couldn't make it. How amazing would it be for your grandchildren or great grandchildren being able to see that wonderful moment back in time.

Covid reduced our guest numbers and made it near impossible for weddings to even take place in 2020. Heartbreak set in when couples had to cull their guest numbers and so many family and friends missed out on celebrating. While videography was not quite the same as being there, it played a huge part in creating and sharing those memories with those closest to us.

Memories are precious and moments are fleeting - capture them at every opportunity.

While videography can set you back a few dollars, I suggest you give some serious thought to allowing for it in your budget. I can guarantee you it will be worth every single cent!

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