Something old, something new....

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue".

You've heard the old saying right? For many years, brides have been incorporating this tradition into their wedding day and some of those very same brides probably hated the idea! Wearing Aunt Bertha's oversized wedding dress from 1968, or having Great Grandma's old blue handkerchief stuck in your cleavage to appease the family, may not be your ideal choices of "something old and something blue"!

While I jest (because yes, there are some very lovely wedding dresses from 1968 that would feature beautifully in today's weddings) what do we really do with things like Great Grandma's old blue handkerchief? How do you keep your sanity and the family peace? Why not repurpose or recycle it! Turn it into a jewellery pouch to hold the wedding rings or in case of passing, pop it inside a frame with a photo as a remembrance and tribute. You can keep the tradition but turn the old into a new keepsake - something that works for you.

These traditions don't necessarily need to be carried on our body either - sometimes we just need to think outside the square. Some cool examples would be using Great Uncle Frank's blue vintage Bedford truck as a wedding car or a photobooth opportunity, Aunt Sissy's vintage silverware or teacup set could be borrowed and laid out for the bridal party table and that old milk can sitting outside the cattle yards on your Grandfather's farm could be used to hold umbrellas in case of rain.

Whether you carry family tradition or you just love the romantic vibe that is vintage, be sure to borrow it, repurpose it, recycle it or if you can't find it-hire it, because antiques bring old-word charm and character - storytelling from a different era - embrace it and include it because "in the end, we'll all become stories" ~ Margaret Atwood.

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